HAPPY 2023!

Happy New Year everyone!

We hope that everyone had the chance to induldge and refresh over the Winter break – We’re eager to get things kicking off again with a bunch of exciting announcements!

First up – GGX22 has now been rescheduled, and will take place on Saturday, March 25th 2023! Tickets will be available from 16:30 on 3rd January 2023, but will be limited so make sure to grab yours quick to avoid disappointment!

More info on the LAN party is available here, and will include the usual tomfoolery of competitions, prizes and swag for you to get on the day.

We can now announce the dates for our scheduled Inky 500 Project Cars 2 Cup. Races will happen fortnightly on Wednesdays, starting from 11th January at 8pm. A full rundown of the planned tracks and events can be found here.

The God Gamer Championship is back! Congratulations to CalamitySam again who won the WGGC22 – He earned himself a little golden trophy, Steam Voucher and some GGHQ Swag to acknowledge his Godliness at Gaming!

Announcing the first round of the SGGC23, we’ll be indulging in some 90’s nostalgia, and jumping into some Goldeneye:Source – A free, source based Goldeneye mod that we’ve played at events a bunch of times before. Set for 22nd January, we hope to see you there!

If you’re already in our Discord, you’ll have seen that CalamitySam and Fletch are hosting Poker nights using the inbuilt Discord gaming app – Go all in with some casual banter and good company from 20:30 each Thursday!

We’re now on Instagram! It felt good to finally update the ‘coming soon…’ text next to Instagram on our Discord. We’ll be putting event announcements, short clips of previous events, and maybe even some giveaways on Instagram, so go ahead and give us a cheeky follow if those sound interesting to you!

Photo by Soumil Kumar on Pexels.com

Finally, we’re going to be planning for a charity livestream soon – hopefully in Q1 2023, but tbc – If you’re interested or would like to take part, there’s a forum post in Discord with some details and workings out while we figure out the finer details of how we run it etc.

All in all, 2023 should be a pretty exciting year for us, so stay tuned to our platforms if you’d like to be a part of any of the above!


Long time no announcements! Excited to share that we’ve got a brand new Satisfactory community server up and running as of RIGHT NOW, which Calamity_Sam has kindly offered to admin for us! So jump in, swig some coffee, and build that space elevator!

Details on the server and joining instructions will be available in Discord.

This marks the first of a series of announcements coming soon, to reveal some exciting upcoming community events!


🎂🍰Hey everyone – It’s a special day! 🍰🎂

Today marks two whole years since we set up the GGHQ community, and in that time, we’ve seen countless online events, spent god-knows how many hours in voice chat, and even had the opportunity to share an actual LAN event with some of you, last year!

The support we’ve had from our little community for all the things we’ve cobbled together has been amazing, and I’m so grateful to everyone in GGHQ that has helped us sustain it for this long! We know that the last two years have been exceptionally tough for a lot of people, but it really does mean the world when we see, sometimes total strangers across the internet, going out of their way to support our clan.

And so, to everyone who joined in with our hosted events, or lurked and liked our social media posts, or even who have just made sharing their scores in our Wordle thread a part of their daily ritual: We owe all of you a great, big, huge, massive:


Obviously, 2022 so far has been quieter than usual for GGHQ in terms of community events, but we’re aiming to bring back regular online events just as soon as I’m able to get internet speeds that allow for streaming & casting some inter-community scrims! Additionally, we’ll be aiming to host another LAN later this year, and planning is already well underway for GGX22!

We’re excited to see what else lies ahead for GGHQ over the next 12 months, and as always, if you have any suggestions or ideas for what you’d like to see in GGHQ, please don’t hesitate to either DM one of the @administrators or tag us in #General on Discord!

Get Well Gamers Charity Tea Towel

Today we need your help, everyone!

We’re super excited to announce a GGHQ fundraiser for Get Well Gamers https://getwellgamers.org.uk/

GWG are a registered charity that take donated video games or consoles, and sends them to hospitals, hospices and other healthcare settings where young people can benefit from the positive distractions that video games provide.

We’re proposing a community creation in the form of a yearbook tea towel, made up of a compilation of your self portrait “artwork“, much in the vain of primary school tea towels you might have contributed to (or forced your parents to buy) as a child yourself.

We suggest using Paint for that added authentic primary school artwork feel

Once your individual pieces of “artwork” have been submitted, tea towels will be designed and later be made available for pre-order , and all profits from these sales will be donated directly to GWG.

Requirements for your self-portraits:

  • Please only draw in black, with a white background. 600px by 600px in size.
  • Don’t forget to scrawl your handle underneath your creation.
  • Post them into the tea-towel-art channel on Discord (only images can be posted in this channel to prevent spam).

Anything vulgar will not be accepted into the final design (this is for a children’s charity, you monster!)

Please don’t worry if you don’t think you’re artistic – The incentive is to raise money for a good cause via the collaboration in the final product!

Let’s. Talk. LAN!

What a wild 18months or so it’s been! We’re now in a position to organise a LAN event to finally catch up with all of you IRL.

We’d love to know if you guys would be interested in attending a LAN later this year, as we’ve had a venue booked for nearly 6 months now, unsure whether or not an event could even go ahead.

Head over to the #announcements channel in Discord for more details, and let us know if you’d be interested in grabbing a ticket…


Introducing G.I. – A Dota 2 In-House

Holy moly

Looks like there are enough people (and some extra 😲) for us to host the inhouse!

Date set as:

Thursday 17th June at 20:30

There will be two teams of 5 players

Each team will have a coach in either myself or Sam

We’ll aim to drop all players a message over the coming days with a couple of questions about playtime for Dota 2/MOBA experience etc. to help us balance the teams as best we can, and then post the drafts before the evening.

We’re aiming to have the evening’s matches casted, and published as a full video at a later time.

To say I’m excited for this is an understatement!


Next Community Events

Quick update following last week’s poll – It seems that F1 2019, Wreckfest and the New Among Us map took your fancy, so I’m excited to post that our next community event will in F1 2019 this Sunday from a slightly later time of 20:30.

The event will follow a Practice > Flying Qualifying Lap > Race format, and all abilities are welcome!
If there’s sustained interest we will consider a longer form championship series, though this race would not count towards it.


Copies of the game are available from here, for £3.49

GGHQ One Year On…

Holy smokes! I can’t quite believe it, it’s our first birthday!

GGHQ’s first year has been host to dozens of events and activities, including tournaments, in-houses, scrims and community-hosted quiz nights!

We’ve seen the content creators among you jointly create and share thousands of hours of video and music from your own Twitch, Soundcloud and YouTube channels.

Discord has been our most active platform, with over 71,491 messages posted on the General channel alone.

Thanks to every single one of you all who has in any way supported our platforms, or taken part in any of the hosted events. After an especially tricky year for all of us, you’ve mutually breathed life into a wonderful online community.

Prior to announcing GGHQ in 2020, we had set a number of targets for our first year, most of which we met; though there are some that we’d still like to accomplish over the next 12months, so here’s a glimpse at some things we’re aspiring for in 2021-2022:

  • Continuation of regular community game nights
  • Online GGHQ charity fundraiser event
  • Social meet ups (Dependant on Covid restrictions, obviously)
  • Website update
  • Mugs
  • Merch update
  • Time trial/Challenge events
  • PUBG Encore Event
  • CSGO Tiebreak In-house
  • Left4Dead2 Tiebreak Scrim
  • Halloween Stream
  • Exploring ways that we can better promote/spotlight community created content

And, though it’s impossible to know for certain when it can happen, we’ve started preparations for our first GGHQ LAN Event!

As always our ears are open to what you guys want to see from GGHQ, so drop us a DM if you have any ideas of events you’d like over the next year!