HAPPY 2023!

Happy New Year everyone!

We hope that everyone had the chance to induldge and refresh over the Winter break – We’re eager to get things kicking off again with a bunch of exciting announcements!

First up – GGX22 has now been rescheduled, and will take place on Saturday, March 25th 2023! Tickets will be available from 16:30 on 3rd January 2023, but will be limited so make sure to grab yours quick to avoid disappointment!

More info on the LAN party is available here, and will include the usual tomfoolery of competitions, prizes and swag for you to get on the day.

We can now announce the dates for our scheduled Inky 500 Project Cars 2 Cup. Races will happen fortnightly on Wednesdays, starting from 11th January at 8pm. A full rundown of the planned tracks and events can be found here.

The God Gamer Championship is back! Congratulations to CalamitySam again who won the WGGC22 – He earned himself a little golden trophy, Steam Voucher and some GGHQ Swag to acknowledge his Godliness at Gaming!

Announcing the first round of the SGGC23, we’ll be indulging in some 90’s nostalgia, and jumping into some Goldeneye:Source – A free, source based Goldeneye mod that we’ve played at events a bunch of times before. Set for 22nd January, we hope to see you there!

If you’re already in our Discord, you’ll have seen that CalamitySam and Fletch are hosting Poker nights using the inbuilt Discord gaming app – Go all in with some casual banter and good company from 20:30 each Thursday!

We’re now on Instagram! It felt good to finally update the ‘coming soon…’ text next to Instagram on our Discord. We’ll be putting event announcements, short clips of previous events, and maybe even some giveaways on Instagram, so go ahead and give us a cheeky follow if those sound interesting to you!

Photo by Soumil Kumar on Pexels.com

Finally, we’re going to be planning for a charity livestream soon – hopefully in Q1 2023, but tbc – If you’re interested or would like to take part, there’s a forum post in Discord with some details and workings out while we figure out the finer details of how we run it etc.

All in all, 2023 should be a pretty exciting year for us, so stay tuned to our platforms if you’d like to be a part of any of the above!


Well, it finally happened! This last weekend, we held a LAN for the first time in over 3 years!

GGX21 was an amazing day to catch up with old faces after what feels like forever, and to see some new ones too!

We’ll fire out a survey to attendees while the event is still relatively fresh in your minds to get some ever-valuable feedback from you all.

For those that couldn’t make it – We tested a new schedule and new equipment at the event, and both tests went well. The main takeaway from these is that we should be able to comfortably expand available tickets (should there be demand) for similar events in future.

Huge thanks to @LBU and @RunawayRipple who helped enormously with the venue booking and setup, and without whom there would have been no LAN, and to @MateyBoi for his valuable advice and help in the run-up to the event.

And thanks as well of course to every person that bought a ticket – I know not all of you were able to make it on the day due to illness or other commitments, but your support for these events makes them feel worth all of the setup.

Congratulations to the winners of the LAN too:

@Sneater – GWYF
@JayBear – Wreckfest
@Darrigaz – PUBG
@Granted – UT2K4
@Darrigaz, @Sneater, @Glazbee and @Nugget2468 for their narrow L4D2 win 😛

Hopefully see you at GGX22, but for now, I’m gonna chill with some Dota 😀