INKY 500

Inky 500 is a Ginetta Junior Project Cars 2 League launching in early 2023 curated by GGHQ member InkubusJaymz.

How will points be awarded for the INKY 500 Season?

Race results positions 1 through 10 will be awarded points and fastest lap of the race will also earn 1 point in the following denominations:

Race Result PositionPoints Allocated
Fastest Lap (Race only)1

What’s the race format for INKY 500 events?

20minute Practice Session, followed by 10minute Qualifying Session and a lap-count race dependant on the length of track (estimated to be around 30mins in duration). During the race, each participant must make a minimum of 1 compulsory pit stop.

How will racing standards be maintained?

If there are any on-track disputes, all racing standards queries should be logged with InkubusJaymz and/or Eugene_Goat, and reviews will take place after the event has concluded on all but exceptional circumstances.

I don’t see Project Cars 2 listed on the Steam Store anymore, what gives?

SlightlyMad Studios had a bit of a disagreement with EA recently meaning that the Project Cars branded titles have disappeared from Steam now. But, if you don’t already own a copy of the game, there are product keys available for purchase elsewhere online.