June 2020 Hosted Events

We’re excited to announce June’s hosted events as in the graphic above! We can’t wait to see you there! As always, if you have any suggestions, please feel free to reach out to any of the admin team, and we’ll do our best to accomodate demand!

Terraria 1.4 Journey’s End Patch

May 16th marks the official release of the FINAL ever Terraria update, the aptly named ‘Journey’s End’.

To celebrate the occasion, we’ll be firing up a GGHQ Terraria server for you guys to play on! This will be a server that we fire up on a consistent schedule to ensure that all players get a fair whack at seeing all of the new content Terraria has to offer – Details of that schedule will be arranged to reflect the availability of the Terraria players 🙂

The first window into 1.4 will be on launch day – This coming Saturday! We’ll have the server updated the moment the patch is available, which currently, is rumoured to be 18:00 BST, but may change closer to the time!

GGHQ Gmod TTT Event


If your first thought is ‘what the hell is TTT’ well do we have some news for you!

Trouble in Terrorist town is a round based video game equivalent to some RP boardgames you might have played like ‘Werewolf’.At the start of a round, players are allocated a ‘role’. Dependant on your role, you have to carry out certain actions without letting on to the other players.

Traitors must kill all non traitors (except Jesters!)
Innocents must find out who the traitors are and kill them!
Detectives use their tools to help the innocents identify the traitors.
Jesters try and dupe innocents into killing them for a round win.
Phoenixes have the ability to resurrect themselves.
Survivalists have a small pool of weapons that they can buy from.

Mix in a few hundred other weapons/skins/behavioural mods, and TTT makes for one of the most ridiculous and side splitting game modes you can play on PC!Given that gameplay is best enjoyed for smaller pools of players, we may have to rotate some people in/out of rounds, but will determine this based on interest.


Thanks to all you guys that took part tonight!! And congrats especially to Arty_Ziff and Reddlo for showing us how karting is REALLY done!

Twitch VOD is available over at our Twitch channel in case you’d like to relive the shenanigans once more!

We hope you guys enjoyed our first Nintendo community event 💕

GGHQ Mario Kart 8 Deluxe GP

Excited to announce our plans for a Nintendo Switch event this weekend! Head on over to our Discord to keep up to date with information relating to the event. It’ll be our first non-PC competition, and the first event of May. We hope you’ll join us for some blue-shell action!

CSGO Scrim Results

The CS Scrim matches are complete, but the battle is FAR from over!

We finished our games in a perfect tie this evening, with game 1 lurching into overtime. Carole Baskin’s Tigers appropriately swiped the game in their favour after winning 4 consecutive rounds in overtime to take the victory.

However, after a stand-in of Snoweater20 on Carole Baskin’s Husbands, the team got the punch they needed to secure a convincing show in the second half of game two to level the playing field.

Both teams have vowed to reconvene again in the future, so watch this space for news on the rematch!

Huge thanks to Snoweater20 for working overtime to get the server configs just right for casting. Be sure to give him a follow over on his Twitch and keep eyes on our socials for the Youtube upload coming tomorrow! GGWP!

CSGO 5v5 In-House Scrim

We’re excited to announce that our first CSGO Scrim is scheduled for April 24th, and will take place from 8pm!

Server details, and rulesets currently available over at our Facebook group now! Check out the event details.

Jackbox Evening

Huge thanks to everyone that took part in our Jackbox evening last week! We had an absolute blast, and we hope you did too! Let us know if you’d like us to continue hosting similar events!